Data protection and privacy centre

This is our data protection and privacy centre that contains all the information you need on what we do with your data. All of these policies are written to protect you, your data, and our ongoing ability to provide you and everybody else with sustainable services. Not everybody likes having lots of documents of this sort, but, they are largely mandated by the law (e.g. the EU GDPR law), and intended for everybody’s good. They are not because we are eager to find some smallprint to use to pounce upon our valued customers! You can read about our general approach in this blog post.

Keyy privacy policy

How we collect and process your data

Terms and conditions

Data protection policies and agreements of/with relevant third parties

  • N.B. It’s normal to have lots of suppliers. Don’t get worried and think “gosh, my data goes to a lot of people”. The point of the General Data Protection Regulation is to ensure the opposite. The agreements all generally say something equivalent, as required by law, to “though data may be processed on our systems, we have no permission to do anything with it that was not required by the customer (whether through direct action or necessarily to provide the service they purchased)”. The agreements are part of the process of assurance that data is being handled according to best privacy practices. As required by law, we do not have any suppliers who cannot provide such assurances.
  • Cloudflare (used by us for website security and performance services) – privacy policy;
  • Stripe (our payment processor for card payments) – general policy on data transfers, and privacy shield policy.
  • Linode (a supplier used by us for technical resources for various servers (not all of which process any customer data)) comply with the EU-US “Privacy Shield” framework – see here.