Instant & Secure Logins With a Wave of Your Phone


No entering usernames and passwords


No one-time passwords


No central store of login details

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Keyy is a Revolutionary Way to Log Into WordPress Sites.

It replaces typing usernames, passwords and the usual two factor tokens with a simple cryptograph that users sync to an app on their mobile phone.

It makes logging in both incredibly safe and unbelievably easy.  Keyy instantly boosts user account security and protects the site.

Everyone wins, except for the hackers!

Online Security Matters

The threat of hacking has never been stronger, and it’s constantly evolving in both scale and sophistication.

There’s a bewildering array of online security solutions and best-practices out there. The trouble is, most of them have flaws and loopholes that criminals are always looking to exploit.

What’s more, implementing them is a pain. Who wants to remember yet another password? And who wants to go fumbling about to type in a One-Time-Password before it expires?

Keyy Preview

Keyy is Different

Firstly, it provides unmatched, comprehensive security.

It does away with typing usernames, passwords or even one-time passwords, so there’s nothing to be stolen through brute-force, key-logging or phishing.

Secondly, it turns logging in from a pain to a pleasure.

Keyy uses RSA public-key cryptography but hides its high-tech complexity behind a simple interface. It offers instant access to any WordPress website where the user has an account, and makes remembering login details a thing of the past.

Logging in With Keyy

With Keyy, authentication and login is an elegant, integrated part of your app experience
Download and Open the app to your mobile phone.
Go to the site and scan the Keyy code
The two will automatically sync- and you’re logged in!

Comparison of Versions

* For more than 100 sites, select multiple Ultimate packages at the checkout