About Us

Keyy is our brand for a plugin and app system that enables secure logons to WordPress sites.

More coming soon!

About Us

And a host of others (web design, accounts, cups of tea, etc., etc…)

Our Values


Our aim is for Keyy is to “just work” – elegantly and effectivly. To do this, it needs a solid foundation. Advances in features must not be through “quick hacks”, but through a base that can support users and all the different things they want to do for years ahead.


We never hear from the vast majority of our users on any of our plugins; they “just work” for them. But, where users do have issues and questions, we’re committed to timely support provided by our knowledgeable software engineers rather than by drones who are just following a script.


For years, UpdraftPlus has pioneered unique features in WordPress backups, such as automatic backups before WordPress updates and support for more cloud storage providers than any rival.

The Keyy Story

Our first plugin, UpdraftPlus, is the world’s most trusted WordPress backup plugin.

Backups are crucial as a last line in protection your site.  But you wouldn’t insure your home without also locking the front door.  Likewise, you shouldn’t backup your site without securing the login!

Keyy is our answer to securing the login, both of the admin dashboard and for any user to login to your site.  Inspired by a similar product called Clef, which has been sunsetted, we’re committed to improving this month on month in the long term.  WordPress plugins are our business, and this is a perfect fit into our portfolio.