Premium Features

Keyy Premium comes packed with lots of extra features, to make security on your website even stronger.

Find out more about them in this page.


Multi-factor Login Options

Admins can choose how users log into their website, with the freedom and flexibility to determine the appropriate level of security.

Role-Specific Policies

With our site-wide login policies, administrators can set specific global access rules for users with different roles. 


3rd Party Compatibility

Keyy Premium works seamlessly with WooCommerce, Affiliates-WP login forms, Theme My Login widgets and others.

Premium Support

With Premium, you get access to the very best channels of support, with rapid responses directly from our developers if you ever need it

Hide Password Fields

Hide password fields enables admins to hide the Username and Password fields, instead directing users to log in using Keyy.

Bulk Emails

This feature is a very convenient time-saver for those who want to quickly and easily activate Keyy logins on their website.


Admin Management Options

Our user control feature gives admins more control by allowing them to view and override various settings (including access) for specific users.

Stealth Mode

Our Stealth mode setting means the Keyy scan image remains hidden until the user presses a specific key to reveal it.


No Ads

With Premium, Keyy admin pages are ads-free and will not display information about other products from our range.