One year ago, our superhero 2-factor authentication plugin and app were born.

Keyy allows you to login without the faff of usernames and passwords. Just open the Keyy app on your mobile, point it at your screen and viola! You’re in.

Plus, because it uses RSA public-key cryptography, its security is second-to-none. There’s no vulnerable central database of the user profile and login details, there’s no risk of any of the usual password-stealing hacks (for the obvious reason that there aren’t any passwords to steal!). If you do lose your mobile, the digital key is safe with Android Keystore or Apple Keychain.

Keyy is an absolute dream to use, and (unsurprisingly), the reviews have been glowing. One guy wrote: “Someday, all who draw breath will use Keyy! This app is meant to be used by all mankind.”

And it’s true! If you haven’t yet experienced the wondrously simple login experience of Keyy, you’re missing out! It turns a chore into a pleasure. There’s something extraordinarily smug about a secure login that’s absurdly simple to use.

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