We’re proud to announce Keyy has now exceeded 1500 app users on over 1000 WordPress installs milestone and now looks better than ever with a redesign.

Since we launched it in the summer, we’ve been working hard to ensure that this savvy little beast is truly working at its full potential and we’re pleased with how successfully it makes logins both incredibly secure and almost unbelievably quick and easy.

A glance through the latest WP ratings shows that our customers feel the same way. One review reads:

“I love how with just a quick scan/wave of my phone I can instantly login to my site. Not just that, it also makes me more confident that my sites are more secure using Keyy.”

Another wishes he “could use Keyy to login to everything online!”

Another user describes it as:

“[a] solid replacement to Clef, stable, no issues, secure, and made by a great team that is ready to fix any bug, if you find any. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to increase the security of their WordPress sites.”

Furthermore, the new login cryptograph launched this fall makes it much easier to switch to a QR code, thanks to a toggle that refreshes that portion quickly and seamlessly. Also, the toggle looks clearer, which makes the sparkling UX now look more like the Clef plugin which inspired it.

Keyy login new cryptograph

Thanks again for all your support and feedback.

PS. If there are things you’d like us to improve, please visit https://getkeyy.com/feedback/. And if you really like Keyy, please consider giving us 5* review here:

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