Dear valued user,
We hope this message finds you well.

We are reaching out to bring your attention to some significant changes regarding the Keyy WordPress Plugin, both the free and premium versions as well as the Keyy iOS & Android Apps.

In view of continuous innovation in areas such as biometric authentication and passwordless login systems, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the sale and renewal of the Keyy WordPress plugin – effective immediately.

Please note that this decision does not mean we are abandoning our existing Keyy premium users.

We will continue to provide full support until the end of your current subscription period. You can continue to use the plugin and the Keyy apps while receiving the same high-quality support for any issues or queries you have.

We understand this may not be the news you were expecting, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Our commitment to providing you with the best service remains our top priority.
Thank you for your understanding and your continued support.

In case of any queries or concerns regarding any of the above, please reach out to

Best Regards
Ansh Malhotra

CEO | Keyy