What if someone steals the user’s phone or it gets lost?

The Keyy app is protected by a fingerprint scan or passcode, which stops anyone from accessing the keyy app on a stolen phone.

If this happens and you get locked out of your WordPress site there are a number of ways to get back in.

If there is another admin user on your website, then they can de-activate it in the ordinary way (i.e. from the WordPress dashboard’s “Plugins” page). If not, then read on!

The easiest way is to add this to your wp-config.php (e.g. edit it using FTP, or using the file manager in your web hosting control panel), after the opening line:

define(‘KEYY_DISABLE’, true);

This line will disable all Keyy’s functionality, and you will then have your ‘normal’ WordPress login screen back. (So, if you also forgot your password, then use the regular password reset link).