How do I login to my WordPress website using Keyy?

On the Login page, you will see a Keyy scan code above the login input fields. Open the Keyy app on your mobile phone, and use the camera screen to scan this code, holding it there for a second or two and you’ll be logged in automatically.

How do I log into my site on my mobile device?
If you have Keyy set up and want to log into your WordPress website on your mobile device, you may have noticed you can’t scan the Keyy scan code.

To login on your mobile device without having to scan the Keyy scan code is easy just open the Keyy mobile app.


If your camera is on then press the camera icon in the top left corner to turn it off, this will reveal the option “Login on this device’s browser” select this option.

You will now be prompted to select the site and user you want to login as, after doing so a browser will automatically open on your mobile device and log you in!


You should see a list of cards, one for each site find the site you want to login to and tap the ” Same Device Login” button and you will be logged into a new browser window that opens up. Please do not close or click away from the page, it may take a few seconds to login depending on the network.