Affiliate Guidelines

Keyy Affiliate’s program typically pay 30% commission for sales generated through your affiliate links. Commission will be awarded at the end of each month in US dollars ($). (Please note this is subject to change).

We are excited that you want to help us grow our Keyy community. Keyy is our answer to securing the login, both of the admin dashboard and for any user to login to your site. By applying to become an affiliate you are agreeing to follow the following guidelines. This will not only protect our reputation, but yours as well.
(Please also view our full Terms & Conditions ).

Using own links:
You may NOT use your own affiliate links to purchase themes, plugins, or trainings. Doing so will terminate your affiliate account(s) and you will forfeit any potential earnings.

Keyy verify all sales prior to approval:
A referral sale is not complete until after it has been verified that it was a valid sale. We reserve the right to delay the credit of commission (in the form of store credit) until this has been confirmed. Sales at the end of the month may be delayed until the next month for this reason.

Affiliate link usage:
In order for a sale to be credited to your account, the purchaser MUST use your affiliate link on a cookie-enabled computer. Purchases will not be assigned or reassigned to affiliates once the purchase is completed.

Internal sales:
An account must be ordered with billing information that does not match the affiliate’s information.