UpdraftPlus have released the latest update for all our users that includes a host of new features, fixes, translation and tweak updates. As part of our drive to develop our services and continually improve on them, the newest exciting feature we have added allows users to use an already existing local backup (one that is not in remote storage) to create a clone in UpdraftClone.

This means that should you wish to create a new clone, the whole process can now be completed much more quickly as you no longer have to create a new backup of your site first. With this latest update you can now send one of your already existing backups to be cloned and skip straight to the sending stage instead. This feature will be of particular benefit to users that have a large site that could take hours, or even days to backup and shortens the whole cloning process; getting your clone running much sooner than might have been possible previously.

As well as these new changes, the latest update also come with several other updates to hopefully help improve your overall UpdraftPlus experience, including an Italian translation and the option to now delete old directories from the restore progress page.

The changelog for UpdraftPlus Free (1.16.15) and UpdraftPlus Premium (2.16.15) is as follows.

We recommend the update for all users.

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to use already existing local backups with UpdraftClone
  • FIX: Prevent PHP fatal error (regression) when WP_Filesystem credentials were needed and wrong ones were supplied
  • FIX: Issue where you could not delete old directories from the restore progress page
  • FIX: Issue where restore would not run over AJAX if wrong credentials were entered when WordPress requested filesystem credentials
  • FIX: Fix incorrect refusal to accept valid email addresses in the UpdraftCentral wizard
  • TRANSLATION: The Italian translation is now complete and supplied from wordpress.org, so can be removed from the free plugin zip (saves 424KB disk space – if your mother tongue is not English and you want to improve UpdraftPlus, take a look at: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/updraftplus).
  • TWEAK: Update UpdraftCentral theme module handler to support themes without a name header
  • TWEAK: Prevent PHP log notice when fetching available theme updates via UpdraftCentral
  • TWEAK: Add more scheduling options to the built-in list (you can still further add whatever other arbitrary options you like: https://updraftplus.com/faqs/how-can-i-add-any-new-scheduling-interval-to-updraftplus/)
  • TWEAK: Abstract the code for handling maintenance mode to allow future improvements
  • TWEAK: Fix a potential wrong file path in an error message
  • TWEAK: If there is more than one Google Drive folder of the same name, now the selection is deterministic: the oldest one is always used
  • TWEAK: Infer phpseclib class path from the class name, instead of hard-coding it
  • TWEAK: Some lines that were meant to include HTML bold in the browser output had lost that effect
  • TWEAK: Add what entity caused the automatic backup to the logfile
  • TWEAK: Upon restoration, a couple of known plugin cache directories will be emptied to prevent serving up an intermediate page
  • TWEAK: Fix a bug in the “fail on resume” error-trapping logic which could cause it too resume too many times
  • TWEAK: Prevent a bogus error message being logged at the end of a successful direct site-to-site transfer
  • TWEAK: Add backup size information when hovering at the backup data buttons (excluding database button)
  • TWEAK: Allow the plugin to connect to account and activate Premium licence if no more UpdraftCentral Cloud licences remain and the user enables the ‘Add this website to UpdraftCentral’ option in the Premium/Extensions tab
  • TWEAK: During a restore send structured data to the front end. This is preparing the way for future UX improvements.

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