UpdraftPlus have now released the latest update for all our users which includes a host of features, fixes and tweak updates. As mentioned in our previous blog, this latest update includes a new feature that allows users who want to create a new clone site to use an already existing local backup (one that is not in remote storage) to create one via UpdraftClone.

This allows the whole clone creation process to be set up in a much shorter amount of time as it is not necessary to create a new backup of the site you are cloning first. This amazing new feature will still use the existing Clone token system that everyone is familiar with, so users can begin generating new blank WordPress installs straight away, without having to purchase any additional services. Once you are done with the testing of the clone, you can simply delete it and generate another one as and when it is needed.

The changelog for UpdraftPlus Free (1.16.16) and UpdraftPlus Premium (2.16.16) is as follows.

We recommend the update for all users.

1.16.16 – 2.16.16

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to launch a blank WordPress clone
  • FEATURE: Add –collate= parameter to WP-CLI (Premium) to allow substitution of locally unknown collations when restoring
  • FIX: Switched to wp_insert_site() from insert_blog() and install_blog() method when importing single-site into a multisite network on WP 5.1+. Fixes ‘Already Installed’ error when importing on newer WP versions
  • FIX: Issue where (rare) foreign key constraints aren’t updated upon restore when table prefix changes
  • FIX: Improve parsing of backed-up triggers when restoring preventing possible unnecessary errors
  • FIX: If an upload to Google Drive starts to fail due to an OAuth token refresh error, the backup will re-bootstrap the Drive client and try again
  • FIX: JSON-reparser to prevent unwanted RINFO data being output to screen
  • FIX: Triggers were still included in a backup for tables that were excluded because of lack of WP prefix
  • FIX: Resuming restores could resume at an unnecessarily early stage
  • FIX: Issue with Dropbox account information call that could make it fail
  • TWEAK: In cases where there were duplicate Google Drive folders (which is possible if there are multiple network communications failures when looking up the folder), these are now detected and merged automatically
  • TWEAK: Add option to start 250GB Vault subscription as in-app purchase
  • TWEAK: Regression: backup checksums were not being recorded in the backup log file
  • TWEAK: Remove UpdraftClone when the backup is cancelled by the user
  • TWEAK: Send the backup log during the creation of UpdraftClone for easier support when a clone fails to recieve the backup
  • TWEAK: Detect OneDrive Graph token expiries and initiate swift resumption
  • TWEAK: Reduce the permissions requested for the UpdraftPlus Google Drive app (this now means that backups manually uploaded to Google Drive can not be deleted through the UpdraftPlus UI)

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