UpdraftPlus are happy to announce that we have released brand new updates for both the UpdraftPlus Free version (1.16.11) and UpdraftPlus Premium version (2.16.11).

As part of our efforts to continually improve UpdraftPlus, we have fixed the option of the user being able to restore the update from a point of error that was encountered during the restoring process. Issues that could occur during a restore might include a restore time-out, loss of connection or an unintended error. This option saves users time as you will not have to restart the restore process from the beginning again should you encounter an issue.

Another change we have made to the latest update includes a number of helpful tweaks to the Dropbox backup process. As users have had some issues with their servers using Dropbox, the update will hopefully help keep things running more smoothly and resolve these problems.

As well as this new feature, the latest update also come with several other fixes and tweaks to hopefully help improve your overall UpdraftPlus experience. .

The changelog is as follows. We recommend the update for all users.

  • FIX: Issue which prevented the downloader UI being removed during a manual entity download (regression)
  • FIX: Regression in 1.16.10 whereby restore resumptions did not correctly resume because the jobdata had not been loaded
  • TWEAK: Update UpdraftCentral description and internationalize strings
  • TWEAK: Handle HTTP/2 responses from Dropbox on some operations
  • TWEAK: Add a timeout on Dropbox quota look-up operations during backup, in response to cases of faulty outgoing HTTP proxies
  • TWEAK: The backup_finish() method should not have been private; could cause a harmless PHP abort when manually stopping a backup
  • TWEAK: Wrong variable context could cause failure of SFTP progress recording
  • TWEAK: Update to the current series (4.6) of yahnis-elsts/plugin-update-checker (paid versions), thereby inheriting improvements including suppressing some unnecessary background updates checks“`

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