UpdraftPlus release 1.14.3 / 2.14.3

By now, we’re sure that all of our UpdraftPlus customers realise the importance of keeping up-to-date with our latest releases. That way, you can enjoy the little tweaks and improvements we make along the way, and be confident that any bugs are fixed and vulnerabilities patched.

Our new release is now available, so please update now. This version has a few enhancements, including:

Remote storage labelling: following on the benefit of being able to have multiple storage destinations of the same type, we’ve made it so that you can now label each one- for example, you could label one OneDrive account ‘Personal’ and the other ‘Work’. This feature will enable you to manage your storage more effectively,.

OneDrive and Google Cloud deauthorise link: we will now provide deauth links so that you can quickly and easily revoke access to these storage destinations from UpdraftPlus with just the click of a button.

Server-side encryption support for the old S3 SDK.


  • Feature: OneDrive and Google Cloud deauthorise link provided after authentication
  • Feature: Added the ability to label remote storage instances (Premium)
  • Tweak: Handle a combined error/timing condition seen on DigitalOcean Spaces that could lead to UD thinking that an upload that actually succeeded, did not
  • Tweak: Add functions to pull backup status and log for UpdraftCentral
  • Tweak: Add command multiplexer function for UpdraftCentral
  • Tweak: Audit and regularise use of slash-handling code in AJAX layer
  • Tweak: A couple of remote storage error paths were not returning the error information to the upper level correctly
  • Tweak: Prevent phpseclib from throwing a fatal upon autoload if mbstring.func_overload is set (see: https://github.com/phpseclib/phpseclib/issues/762); instead, log, or handle in some other way appropriate to the context
  • Tweak: Some minor code-styling and linting ignore tweaks
  • Tweak: (Regression) After filling the UpdraftVault connect form, pressing Enter was no longer triggering submission
  • Tweak: If counting up the total “More files” data when none are configured to be backed up, show “None configured” instead of “Error”
  • Tweak: Improve UI of notice when claiming an add-on
  • Tweak: Standardise the way OAuth remote storage methods authorise/deauthorise settings
  • Tweak: “Wipe Settings” button click event was not asking for confirmation
  • Tweak: Add Server Side Encryption (SSE) support to old S3 SDK
  • Tweak: Dropbox now uses the internal chunked download API


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