By the end of the week, UpdraftPlus will be releasing a new and amazing development that we want to share with you. Due to viruses, hackers and errors, keeping an up to date backup of your website is one of the most important things anyone who has a WordPress site can do. For many years UpdraftPlus has helped backup sites all over the world to ensure that users are always protected. After months of development, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of a brand new additional backup feature; Incremental Backups.

How is it different to regular backups?

When using UpdraftPlus Incremental Backups, users will have the ability to schedule an incremental file backup to the hourly schedule of their choice.

This means once UpdraftPlus has taken the initial full backup of your site files including images, media, video, databases, plugins, themes etc., it will subsequently only backup any new changes that have occured over the period of hours you have selected. This could range from something as small as a new blog you have added, to an entire website and theme overhaul. This is a massive new development that will help to reduce the huge resources used to perform full backups, which will also help users who have low resource servers.

That’s not all! The new feature will even let you check when the last incremental backup was and give you the option for a partial or full site restore, taking all the work and worry out of backing up your site.

Incremental Backups will be available with UpdraftPlus Premium by the end of the week.

Visit UpdraftPlus for further updates and information.

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