UpdraftPlus is adding an option for people to buy UpdraftPlus Premium as a subscription. This will mean you’ll no longer have to manually renew annually to continue to receive support and updates. We’ll be automatically including a 40% off discount for future years for people who opt for this.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time so there’s no disadvantage. But if you’d prefer to go for the normal manual renewal, then this is currently still an option as well.

Q. How often will I be billed for my Premium subscription
A. All Premium subscriptions have an annual billing cycle, so you will be charged each year unless the subscription is cancelled

Q. How do I receive the 40% renewal discount for the subscription?
A. The 40% discount is automatically applied for each renewal purchase. This is reflected in your subscription information on the My Account page

Q. How can I cancel my subscription? What happens to my licences?
A. The subscription can be cancelled at any time from your My Account page. If the subscription is cancelled, your licences will expire at the end of the billing period as normal

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