UpdraftPlus have been hard at work on the latest update and we are happy to announce that UpdraftPlus 1.16.6 has been released and is now available. For this update there’s a new feature which enables UpdraftPlus to send you an email report even if the backup fails. This will help users keep better track of their backup status and make sure that you are always up to date with the latest developments of your site.

We have also made updates to UpdraftClone that has made the feature faster and more reliable, improving this popular service further.

Improved performance from UpdraftClone

Additional, we have made it much easier to users to purchase UpdraftPlus Premium from within the plugin. So instead of being forced to leave the plugin and purchase Premium via our website, you can now make the purchase from within the plugin, saving you a lot of time and trouble.

You can now purchase Premium from within the plugin

We recommend the update for all UpdraftPlus users.

The full change-log is as follows;

  • FEATURE: Added new S3 intelligent tiering class
  • FEATURE: Ability for user to buy Premium without leaving the plugin’s settings pages
  • FEATURE: UpdraftPlus can now catch backups that don’t complete because of errors that kill PHP and make sure a report is still sent about them. This ensures that you will get an email, even if the backup fails.
  • FIX: If a very large UpdraftVault upload took more than an hour, then the token could expire without being refreshed (fix in version 1.16.0 was incomplete)
  • PERFORMANCE: Modify a condition in the zip-batching algorithm so that greater acceleration in the zip-batching algorithm is allowed on setups allowing very long PHP run times on the initial (zero-eth) resumption
  • PERFORMANCE: UpdraftClone now sends larger chunks over the network, leading to faster sending of data
  • PERFORMANCE: Force UpdraftClone to use a 100MB split size for better performance (previously intended, but not always working)
  • TWEAK: Upon restoration, WP’s cache directory will be emptied (by default it is not included in backups, so in theory this is a no-op, but the occasional case has been seen where it got populated during the restore process)
  • TWEAK: Add support for the new Europe (Stockholm) (eu-north-1) AWS region in Amazon S3
  • TWEAK: Advise the user if they changed the plugin’s slug (and so won’t be able to get updates) (paid versions)
  • TWEAK: Make use of wp_get_themes rather than relying solely to get_themes which is already deprecated
  • TWEAK: Regression: When a user aborted a fatal error occurred before all clean-up actions were complete
  • TWEAK: Refactor the remote storage logging code in Backblaze and Azure modules

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