With UpdraftPlus Migrator, you can clone or migrate your entire website to a different URL in just a few minutes. 

Users who use Updraft Migrator to transfer sites that include a WooCommerce store have found in the past that there have been some issues with database constraints (relationships between database tables and how they work with each other). This resulted in the database tables not being updated if the database table prefix was changed between the old and new sites.

These issues resulted in users having problems with file downloads. If a user had a WooCommerce business that featured a digital download product (such as a song or plugin for example) and migrated their site to a new location with a change to the database table prefix (the bit before the table name, which defaults to “wp_”), these downloads stopped working due to the relationships between the product and the digital files being broken 

Updraft Migrator has taken steps to fix this problem by looking through the database before it is imported. If Migrator finds any relationships using the old table name prefix, it makes sure the relationship is able to work with the new table name prefix. As well as WooCommerce, this feature was designed to work for any plugin table or custom table.

As a result, we believe UpdraftPlus is first backup plugin to offer this ability to migrate Woo database constraints.

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