UpdraftPlus 1.13.1 (free version) / 2.13.1 (paid versions) is in process of being released. You should see it in your WordPress dashboard later today, or tomorrow.

Users won’t notice many visible changes, apart from the appearance of small icons in the ‘Existing Backups’ tab to indicate which particular remote storage destinations (e.g. Dropbox etc.) a backup was sent to. The other changes are under the hood, fixing issues and improving the code structure to facilitate future features. A full changelog is included below. One border-line security issue (which is more of an annoyance, and requires you to be personally targetted, as you’ll see from the description) is included, and means that Dropbox users in particular should update as soon as possible.

As always, it is a recommended update for all users. And if you’ve not yet taken a look at our flagship product, UpdraftPlus Premium, let us commend it to you now!

  • Fix: Added a nonce to the Dropbox deauth link. This is a minor security issue – someone personally targeting you, who knew that you were logged in to your WordPress admin, and who could persuade you to visit a personally-crafted web page, could cause the connection between UpdraftPlus and your Dropbox to be broken. The only impact of this is that the sending of your next backup to Dropbox would fail, and you would be alerted about the need to re-connect.
  • Fix: Import settings now handle the new remote storage options format
  • Tweak: Added a version check when saving settings to prevent errors or lost settings
  • Tweak: ‘Existing Backups’ table now shows an icon for each remote destination that the backup was sent to
  • Tweak: Update SSL CA certificates file
  • Tweak: If, when uploading to S3, a file is not found, handle it slightly more elegantly
  • Tweak: Work with some WebDAV servers that previously sent empty responses to OPTIONS requests

In other news, UpdraftCentral now has mass updates (update all sites from one screen), and Keyy, our new plugin for easy and secure logins (like Clef) is nearly ready.

David Anderson
Lead developer, UpdraftPlus

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