Here at UpdraftPlus, we believe that constant improvements to our plugins are essential for keeping up with an ever-evolving platform like WordPress. We also understand that your needs are becoming increasingly complex and we strive to meet them with increasingly advanced features.

That’s why we’re planning to launch a couple of brand new, brilliantly useful features for our remote management plugin UpdraftCentral. As I’m sure you know, UpdraftCentral offers a simple, time-saving way to manage every single one of your WordPress websites from one single location. It also allows users to perform all kinds of remote operations on these websites, from bulk backups and updates and advanced debugging to the use of UpdraftVault and the management of different users and comments.

Our developers are working hard to release new features that will give you even more control over remote management options:

The first feature is Analytics.

We thought it would be useful to automatically run a load of analytics on your UpdraftCentral dashboard for all of your remote websites, pulling up crucial data to help you maximise their effectiveness. And that’s why we’re developing a new Analytics feature which will do just that!

Analytics will be quick and easy to set up in UpdraftCentral Premium. Firstly, the tool will automatically check whether your remote website has a Google Tracking Code; if not, it will provide simple instructions on how to set one up. After the code has been correctly installed on the remote website and permission has been granted for UpdraftCentral to access the relevant Google Analytics account, the tool will start to gather data, enabling you to set up custom filters, conditions and property views. It then presents this data in graphic reports, giving you an instant, easy-to-digest overview of your websites’ KPIs. Not only is this data incredibly useful, but Analytics will also be a dream to use, with a clear and familiar interface that makes for a perfect UX.

Secondly, we’re developing a Tags feature.

This is something that allows you to easily add tags to all your remotely-managed WordPress websites. This especially useful if you manage lots of sites relating to different topics (for example, agencies that manage sites for multiple clients). It will make it much quicker and simpler to filter and locate websites based on a category or kind of content.

Tags are very simple to set up, as you only need to click on the “Add Tag” button in your UpdraftCentral dashboard. Once added, the tag is then available for all relevant websites. When you’re trying to juggle the management of multiple websites, this kind of tool is invaluable at optimizing organization and efficiency. And of course, it means that you get to save even more time, freeing you up to focus on other important aspects of your work.

We hope you agree that our new features make a very good thing even better- something we’re always striving to do! Let us know what you think- we always like hearing from you!

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