Whether you run a company as big as Apple or Amazon, or just run your own blog as a freelancer – slideshows are an increasingly popular way to showcase the photos or message you want people to see first when they visit your website. 

Choosing the best WordPress slider plugin is an important crucial element of the design and overall look of your website, as it is one of the first things a visitor will see. A slick and stylish display of your images or videos could be the difference between an initial positive or negative interaction. 

The MetaSlider plugin has gained huge popularity amongst the WordPress community by assisting users in creating incredibly high quality sliders. MetaSlider allows you to elect from multiple transition effects and choose different slider styles to add greater versatility to your website. 

About MetaSlider

Both the Free and Premium versions of the MetaSlider plugin are available for users to download today. Creating SEO-optimized slideshows is easy and straightforward, as you just select the images/video from your WordPress Media Library, before dragging and dropping them into your slider. The plugin can even be used with template tags and shortcodes in your WordPress site.

Features Of MetaSlider

Although it is very easy to use, MetaSlider packs in a load of advanced features which can cater to all ranges of ability, ranging from an amateur to a professional. Whether you are a professional web designer creating an innovative and complex website for a client, or simply want to put together your first site and make a good impression – MetaSlider will have your back at all times with the following cutting edge features:

  • Image Slider – Directly adds your chosen images to your slideshows. The most popular basic slider type – available in the free version of MetaSlider plugin. You can also add captions, adjust the display settings of the slider and setup the SEO field. The slider can also be linked to a URL of your choice for added functionality. If you decide to upgrade to MetaSlider Pro, you can also alter the look of the slider’s arrows, navigation options and captions. Image Slider is also available in Responsive Slides, Flex Slider, Nivo Slider and Coin Slider.

How the setup of image slider appears in the MetaSlider plugin

  • Animated Layer Slider – This feature is available with MetaSlider Pro and allows users to create visually stunning CSS3 slideshows by unleashing the full potential of 50 different animation options. It’s easy to use interface further adds to the overall usability of the plugin. Videos, images, text, html and even shortcodes can also be included, improving additional slider options for users. 
  • Video Slider – A video can be added as the slider background. After adding the video, you can also adjust the background colour and padding of each layer to create amazing results. The layer slides included in the MetaSlider Pro pack is also compatible with Responsive Slides and Flex Slider.
  • Thumbnails – This brand-new feature from MetaSlider Pro gives users two different variations of slideshow navigation. 
    • Thumbnail: Displays a static row of thumbnails at the bottom interface of the slideshow. This is compatible with both Nivo Slider and Flex Slider. 
    • Flimstrip: Displays a carousel style output at the bottom region of the slideshow. This is compatible with Flex Slider and is useful if you are dealing with multiple slides.

Just enable thumbnail navigation for existing or new slideshows and choose the height and width of the filmstrip or static style of thumbnails. Thumbnails are compatible with all slide types.

  • Post Feed Slides – Show off your content using this popular MetaSlider premium feature. It offers users the ability to add events, latest blog posts and even WooCommerce products. Users can easily control which slides to display, their order of appearance and even restrict posts that fall under certain categories. The caption template can also be customized to show the title, author, excerpt and date tags. 
  • Carousel – Display a variety of your newest post by using this free MetaSlider feature. This is especially helpful when you need to show a lot of content in a limited space. Just set the slideshow type to ‘Flex Slider’ to get all the benefits. Vimeo, YouTube, Layer, Post Feel and Image slides are also compatible with Carousels. 
  • Online Video Slides – This MetaSlider Pro feature adds videos to your slideshow by simply adding a Vimeo or YouTube URL to a slide. You can create a slideshow comprising of your favourite videos or even mix and match between different slides to get your preferred result. Opt for the FlexSlider option while working on video slides to access the play/pause functionality of MetaSlider.
  • Smart Crop – Easily resize your slides using this unique feature. 

Add an online video by simply adding the URL

Benefits Of MetaSlider

  • Able to display a wide variety of content that can help business owners and freelancers display project logos and past client testimonials.
  • Users are not limited to standard slideshows and can take their pick from many different styles and designs.
  • Comes fully integrated with the brand new WordPress 3.5 media manager to open up greater possibilities.
  • Prioritized customer support for Pro users. Get any issues fixed quickly.
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins: Events Calendar, WooCommerce and WPML.
  • Developer friendly plugin that offers users amazing customization possibilities.
  • Slides can be scheduled to appear within specific dates (Pro only).
  • Works seamlessly with the Gutenberg WordPress designer.
  • 11 amazing professional slider themes – absolutely free of charge. 
  • More than 50 built-in CSS3 transitions (Pro version).

All the different themes available in MetaSlider

Summing up MetaSlider

MetaSlider is an easy to use and powerful tool that can help anyone with a WordPress site display lots of information directly to users, without the requirement of manual scrolling. This can potentially be used as an amazing marketing tool tool by just about anyone. By using MetaSlider, you can display lots of your most important content to users, which can potentially lead to greater conversions in the future; making it ideal for sites that have a high bounce rate.

Jennifer S. Colby

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