We just added support for 7 additional WordPress lightbox plugins that you can connect to your MetaSlider slideshows to really show them off!

You’ll need to install the MetaSlider Lightbox plugin here.

A lightbox plugin is a plugin which displays images, videos and sliders by filling the screen and dimming out the rest of the web page.

Here’s the list of lightbox plugins we’re compatible with:

Here is the changelog:

* FEATURE: Adds support for additional lightbox plugins
* REFACTOR: Refactors lightbox to clean up attribute function
* REFACTOR: Refactors various parts of the code to extract supported plugin data
* REFACTOR: Extracts the class MetaSliderLightboxPlugin to its own file.
* REFACTOR: Changes the logic for check if the plugin is installed and active.
* REFACTOR: Refactors lightbox to clean up attribute function
* TWEAK: Adds a CSS class to the container that identifies the active lightbox plugin
* TWEAK: Adds filters to let users manipulate the plugin use

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