We’re committed to MetaSlider remaining the most popular WordPress slider plugin so we have been hard at work for months, developing some incredible new features that we’re thrilled to finally get to share with you.

MetaSlider now has 11 stunning new professional slider themes. They are wonderful, adding and switching instant style to any slider, and we’re sure you’ll love these as much as we do.

The best part is, if you’re a MetaSlider user, you can have full access to all of these themes completely free of charge.

Furthermore, if you buy the MetaSlider Addon Pack you can create your own slider themes, so they look exactly how you want them to.

Here’s a brief outline of the new themes. Have a browse and then jump right in and start having fun playing around with different looks.

New MetaSlider themes:

Cubic: a simple, slick square design that looks good on darker images.

Outline: a clean, subtle theme that features block arrows and bold design.

Bubble: a fun, circular design to brighten up your website. This works well with dark images.

Simply Dark: a minimalistic, no-frills design that blends in well with most themes.

Jenga: a smart-looking theme with a quirky vertical focus.

Disjoint: a futuristic, linear design that goes will with a dark background.

Blend: a simple theme that neatly blends into any existing website.

Precognition: a theme with special additional functionality that uses image titles as the slide navigation.

Radix: a unique design, clean and sophisticated.

Highway: a bold and clear design that works well on darker images.

The Architekt: a minimalist theme that gives all the attention to your beautiful images.

All of these wonderful new themes are available right now as part of our MetaSlider plugin. To help you choose which theme best enhances your current web design, there’s even a preview feature, so you can test them out on the theme viewer. What’s more, it even allows advanced users to programmatically apply their own themes to slideshows.

MetaSlider is available for download here here.  Sign up and download it to your WordPress website today. And let the fun begin…

Visit MetaSlider for further updates and information about MetaSlider.

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