Are you a happy user of UpdraftPlus? Has UpdraftPlus done anything good for you over the last few years?

If so, please can you help us? Would you be able to give us a 5-star review on Good reviews help us, by attracting new users – which helps us fund improvements, support, and all the other things which help keep UpdraftPlus going. To do so, go here (you will need a account – get one here).

Positive reviews also help us to deal with the “review motivation problem”: that people who are feeling angry because of a problem are much more motivated to seek out somewhere to vent, than people who just had a normal “it worked” experience (though I hasten to add, that after over 15 million downloads, we’ve had less than 90 1-star reviews compared to over 2,500 5-star ones).

If you think UpdraftPlus is not yet worth a positive review, then we are still very happy to hear from you. We have an ideas forum for giving your ideas for new features, and commenting or voting on other peoples’ ideas, here. Or (if you are a customer) you can file a support request, here; or anyone leave a comment on this post.

David Anderson (lead developer)

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