We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever been a customer of Keyy and we hope you are all continuing to enjoy the product.

The team here at UpdraftPlus loves Keyy, however we’re currently looking to sell this side of the business to someone who has the vision to invest in the product and grow the business.

We have chosen to sell Keyy as we’ve decided to re-focus on our bigger products, and Keyy is quite small by comparison.

If you or anyone you know is interested in buying this WordPress plugin and app business, then we’ll consider any offer. Please leave a comment below if you would like more information about sales.*

Please be assured that we’d like to see Keyy thrive in the future, and we will be keen to find a buyer who will commit to this. The Keyy website is still open for new customers and renewals. We will give users at least 1 month’s notice of a new buyer before it changes hands, and we or the new owners will commit to honour any license subscription period you have purchased.

We will keep everyone informed of any updates as and when they become available.

* Current subscription sales were $5.3k in the financial year ending March 2019 and there are 1000+ active installs – however, Clef, the product which inspired Keyy before it was sun-setted, achieved active installs of over 1 million with good PR and a series of deals with hosts. Running costs are trivial, so there’s potential for any entrepreneurs willing to invest in partnerships, promotion and developing the software.

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