Over the last year GoDaddy has identified the 100 themes and plugins most installed on GoDaddy servers.

We were gratified to find UpdraftPlus there as the most popular backup plugin. It’s always nice to have recognition. Backups aren’t very glamorous; they’re a bit like insurance, in that you only really notice and appreciate them when you need them. But we’ve evolved our plugin into something that not only makes backup-making simple and convenient, but also hosts a whole load of other useful features, including website restoration and migration.

Also on GoDaddy’s list was MetaSlider, described as the most popular image slider plugin. The article mentions how the plugin can be upgraded to unlock features such as video slides and HTML overlays, and its compatibility with other plugins such as WooCommerce, Events Caendar and WPML. We’re hoping to add all kinds of extra features and enhancements to MetaSlider this year, so watch this space!

We’re continuing to grow our development team to continue to make all our plugins the best and most popular of their kind in the world.

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