As part of our drive to continually improve MetaSlider – the most popular WordPress slider plugin – we have launched the first stage of a series of updates that will contribute an overall improvement of MetaSlider, with newly added features and an updated UI.

When using the latest version of MetaSlider, users can now quickly duplicate a slideshow and copy over all settings. This is useful if you want a starting point for another slideshow with the same settings if you want to have similar slideshows on mobile, but with a few differences.

Other new features for this new release also include:

  • Add custom CSS to a specific slideshow to to customize the appearance
  • Use recipes/code snippets to quickly add common CSS rules
  • Add CSS styles that change the behavior of any page that the slideshow is on. For example, if you want the header to be full width you can now add a style to take care of that

We recommend the update for all users. The full change-log is as follows

  • FEATURE: Adds ability to duplicate a slideshow
  • FEATURE: Adds toolbar with various utilities
  • FEATURE: Adds unified notification system
  • REFACTOR: Moves inline styles out of the body tag
  • REFACTOR: Refactors the preview module to be called from anywhere
  • REFACTOR: Refactors the way slides and the slideshow saving works
  • REFACTOR: Refactors the shortcode copy module
  • REFACTOR: Adds helper functions to better manage the routes files
  • FIX: Fixes bug where adding a class name via Gutenberg crashes the block


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