UpdraftPlus today confirmed it’s actively developing a plugin and app based on the same innovative idea as “Clef”.

Clef Two Factor Authentication works by replacing the usual username-password login, with a barcode and a smart phone app to scan it.

It makes logging in both quicker and much more secure as no one can hack your site without your phone.

However, the California-based plugin company recently announced they were sunsetting their product in spite of having over 1 million users.  No reason was given except the team was going onto a different project.

Many users took to Twitter to express their disappointment, and to encourage another company to take up the mantle.

UpdraftPlus responded immediately to the news by putting a group of their top software developers on simultaneously developing a replacement plugin and an app for both Android and iOS.  It’s going very well and will be released well before June when Clef will finally stop supporting the app.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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